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Grandparents Needed to Counter Cancel Culture
Posted on December 7th, 2023

By Don Hawkins, D. Min.

Most of us who are faith-affirming grandparents grew up with a great appreciation for the country in which we live. Ours is a land of freedoms: freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, fre…

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Legacy of Faith: Empowering Youth to Embrace Christian Principles
Posted on August 16th, 2023

In today's fast-paced world, instilling timeless values in our youth has become more crucial than ever. The legacy of faith, intertwined with Christian principles, offers a beacon of hope and guidance for young individuals navigating t…

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Future Leaders: The Crucial Role Grandparents Play in Youth Development
Posted on July 17th, 2023

In the dynamic landscape of youth development, a force that often remains unsung but profoundly impactful is the role of grandparents. These wise and experienced individuals possess a unique potential to shape the future leaders of tomor…

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